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Do You Struggle With:

Anxiety & Stress
Negative Thoughts

Inability to Act
Pain from the Past

Mental Health Symptoms
Mental Health Symptoms
Mental Health Symptoms
Mental Health Symptoms

(for Adult Individuals)

Communication Issues
Unhealthy Conflict
Lack of Intimacy
Dealing with Betrayal

Mental Health Symptoms
Mental Health Symptoms
Mental Health Symptoms
Mental Health Symptoms

(for Couples)

I Can Help.

Manage Emotions.  Learn brain and body-based ways to regulate your nervous system to handle stress more easily.

Build Trust.  Feel safe enough to reveal your inner thoughts, hopes, & fears to yourself or your partner, so that you can start to trust again.

Process the Past.  Use evidence-based methods to quickly identify and process negative past experiences that continue to impact your current life.
Therapy Benefits
Therapy Benefits
Therapy Benefits
Grey Limbo

Lara Hammock, LCSW

Licensed Therapist in Virginia and DC


Therapy, Mental Health, Therapist

Individual Therapy

For adults who are looking to resolve negative thinking, heal from past wounds, create better relationships, and lead more fulfilling lives.

Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy
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Couples Counseling

For couples who are looking to communicate better, heal from betrayal, regain intimacy, and thrive together again.

38 year-old Female

"I wish I had found Lara 20 years ago…I barely knew who I was or what I wanted in life. It was at a very low point that I met Lara, and cannot say enough about how she helped me get up again."

Couple in their 30s

"Lara was immensely helpful . . . after just a few meetings, we noticed a real improvement in our communication as a couple.”

25 year-old Male

"Lara is an incredible coach/mentor through life's bumps. . . . Finding a therapist can be difficult, but working with Lara was a spectacular decision for me."
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