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38 year old female (previous client)

"I wish I had found Lara 20 years ago…I barely knew who I was or what I wanted in life. It was at a very low point that I met Lara, and cannot say enough about how she helped me get up again.  She made me for the first time feel that I finally know who I really am and what I want. Nobody ever managed that before."

Seth, 27 (previous client)

62 year-old male (previous client)

Dr. Ami Lynch, LCSW

Kathy Matay, Resident in Counseling

Couple, early 30s

"Lara is an incredible coach/mentor through life's bumps. Her balance of listening, connecting the body/mind, fun graphs, and pushing back (when ya need it!) has really helped me to feel more stable and confident through life's rigors. I walked away from therapy with Lara with new vocabulary, new techniques, and I'll double down on how nice it is to have those graphs I mentioned. Finding a therapist can be difficult, but working with Lara was a spectacular decision for me. Good luck!"

"I consider Lara outstanding at her job, and I continue to recommend her, when friends are considering therapy.

The progress that I made with Lara was more successful than I had expected, and I think that there were a few reasons for that.

  • She has a very relaxed, comfortable attitude or presence.  So I felt 'at ease' about talking.  Even with the more difficult topics.

  • The way her questions & comments would reference earlier conversations, made me feel really 'listened to'.

  • She would provide context or perspective to the things that I told her, in a way that would 'lead' me... to come to resolutions. So, it felt more like being guided, then being 'schooled'."

"As someone who obtained their social work education including our field placement side-by-side with Lara, I can attest to her excellence in providing superior clinical care to a wide variety of patients. Her determination to understand the patient coupled with intense dedication to mastering the relevant published works is unrivaled. I highly recommend Lara Hammock!"

"I had the honor and pleasure of working alongside Lara during our residency. She is dedicated to the profession; always reading, training, and collaborating with colleagues to optimize her knowledge and skillset. As a licensed LCSW, Lara demonstrates an exceptional level of knowledge, professionalism, and compassion in her work. I have confidently referred both clients and personal friends to her, knowing they will receive the highest quality of care. Lara's commitment to making a positive impact in people's lives is inspiring."

“Lara was immensely helpful in providing thoughtful suggestions that strengthened our relationship. She helped us better understand one another, practice strategies to mitigate unwanted behaviors, and connect on a deeper level. After just a few meetings, we noticed a real improvement in our communication as a couple.”

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